GX-2012 Features and Benefits

3 operating modes:  Normal, Leak Check, and Bar Hole

GX-2012 Features

Smallest 5 sensor sample draw instrument
Convenient in tight spaces. Ideal for appliance leak checks. Comfortably fits on belts.

Bump Test FeatureUser programmable bump test interval and reminder

Leak Check mode
PPM leak detector, detects down to 100 ppm CH4, Adjustable display ranges: 500/1000/2000/5000 ppm, Visual / audible pulses change with gas concentration. CO display in leak check mode, ideal for residential investigations.

Bar Hole Mode
Locates underground leaks quicker and more accurately by using fixed time sampling periods and storing the peak methane reading and minimum oxygen levels.  The sample system shuts off and purges automatically at the end of each sample.

Auto ranging with combustible gas
Leak surveys are simplified with no set up or special modes to enter.  Automatically ranges % LEL to % volume based on the sample.  Displays appropriate unit of measure. Minimizes operator training and eliminates special range setup.

Quick Charge Lithium Ion battery or 3 “AA” Alkaline battery pack
Avoid instrument down time with the flexibility of interchangeable alkaline or Li-ion batteries. 10 hours of operation with Lithium Ion battery pack, 15 hours of operation with Alkaline batteries.

Internal Sample Drawing Pump
Maintains a steady sample flow to the sensors and provides up to a 40’ range.

Low flow alarm
Immediate warning when the flow of the sampling system is obstructed. 

Large auto-backlit LCD display
All gases are displayed simultaneously. PEAK level indicator bars displayed for each gas.

3 Visual alarms LED
Alarm LEDs are located on 3 sides of the instrument increasing visibility of alarm conditions.

Improved audible alarm ports
A loud (95 db) audible alarm is provided to alert users to hazardous conditions.

Vibration alarm
Ideal alarm type for high noise environments.

Calibration Reminder / Lock Out
Prevent instruments that are out of calibration from going into the field with the calibration reminder or lock out.

Quick Start Up
Reduce man-hours of service specialists.  No longer have to wait 3 to 4 minutes for each instrument to start up.

Impact resistant rubber over-mold body
Protects the instrument in high impact situations.

High capacity data logging

  • Stores up to 600 hours of data for service and liability record keeping
  • 124 Calibration records (up from 20 max. on the GX-2003)
  • Bar Hole Logging

Low cost of ownership
With the lowest sensor replacement cost, the cost of ownership is the best value of any instrument available.

2 year warranty
Bumper to bumper coverage of each instrument for 2 years.